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privacy policy

The Mediator as the controller of personal data that will be provided to her by client undertakes to process such personal data in accordance with legal regulations, in particular Act No. 202/2012 Coll., the Mediation Act (hereinafter referred to as MA) and Act No. 110/2019 Coll on the processing of personal data and GDPR.

Controller of Personal Data:
Ing. arch. Eva Barešová, registered mediator, CRN 01615041, place of business Vinohradská 98, Praha 3
e-mail: eva@mediace-baresova.cz
tel.: +420 777844694

Legal Framework for Data Processing
Mediation contract /Article 6, (1b) of GDPR/
Compliance with legal obligations /Article 6 (1c) of GDPR/
Legitimate interest of the controller /Article 6 (1f) GDPR/

Purpose of data Processing
Provision of mediation services based on an oral or written agreement made with a client.
Performance of legal obligations arising mainly from MA and relating legal rules and regulations, legal rules regulating obligatory payments and account keeping as well as other legal rules and regulations that the mediator is obliged to follow when providing mediation services.
Legitimate interest of the controller to exercise rights and claims arising from the agreement made with the client.

Recipients of Personal Data
Co-operating mediation in case of co-mediation
Public administration (for example administrative authority)
Service providers providing services necessary for mediation services (providers of storage services for e-mails or accounting office)
Other recipients based on the clients’ needs and instructions

Period for processing and keeping of personal data
Personal data shall be processed and kept for the period for which the given purpose or data processing is valid. Upon the end of such period, personal data shall be disposed of as stipulated in the appropriate legal rules and regulations, including without limitation ALP, Act no. 499/2004 Coll. (Act on archiving and records and changes of some other acts), and GDPR.

Client’s Rights 
Right of access to personal data – the client has the right to receive information from the controller-medaitor whether his/her data are processed and if they are, in what way. The client has also the right to request that the mediator-controller corrects any incorrect personal data pertaining to the client without undue delay. The client has the right to supply any incomplete personal data.

The right of erasure of personal data represents the mediator-controller’s obligation to dispose of the client’s personal data that are processed if certain conditions are met and the client requests so.

The client has the right to request the mediator-controller to limit processing of the client’s personal data in certain cases. The client has the right to raise objection against data processing that is based on legitimate interest of the mediator-controller, third party or that is necessary for performing the task carried out in public interest or in executing public administration.

The right of transferability gives the client an opportunity to obtain personal data that he/she provided to the mediator-controller in both standard or machine-readable format. Such data he/she then may transfer to a different controller or if technically possible to let the controllers transfer them directly among themselves.

In case that the client is not satisfied with processing of his/her personal data by the mediator-controller, he/she may file a complaint directly with the controller or submit it to the Czech Office for Personal Data Protection.

More information on the rights of the clients are available on the Office for Personal Data Protection website (https://www.uoou.cz/6-prava-subjektu-udaj/d-27276).

Provision of personal data is a legal and contractual requirement. The client is not obliged to provide his/her personal data, however failure to provide personal data within the extent necessary for provision of mediation services may lead to legal reasons to refuse or to discontinue mediation services.