Eva Barešová – mediace, pomoc při řešení sporů

mediator Ing.arch. Eva Barešová

I have successfully completed the state exam in Mediation and Family mediation for the Ministry of Justice of the Czech Republic. I am an official mediator as recognized by the Ministry of Justice of the Czech Republic.

I am an accredited member of the Association of Mediators of the Czech Republic (AMČR).

I am a member of board of directors of IHLRN (International Human Learning Resource Network), an organization which promotes teaching, family therapy, and other intervention tools developed by the family therapist Virginia Satir.

Mediation and architecture? I graduated with a degree in architecture from the Faculty of Architecture at the Czech Technical University in Prague. Nevertheless, during my studies I found out that working with people attracted me even more than architecture. As a daughter of a family therapist and a lawyer, I feel that all types of conflicts are in a certain sense close to me – in fact I find them intriguing and stimulating. I consider them neither unsolvable nor negative. They strike me as a precious source of and precondition for change and development, and, further, a stimulus for re-evaluation and re-establishing of the status quo toward a more suitable arrangement. That is why I decided to devote my work helping people in conflict on a professional basis. I am always ready to push forth my knowledge, education, and experience.

I have taken part in the following:

  • a comprehensive training in mediation held by the Association of Mediators of the Czech Republic (AMČR, 2012)
  • seminars and workshops in mediation a facilitation held by the AMČR
  • a training on Transformative Mediation (Joe Folger, 2014)
  • workshops and seminars on dynamics and family influence held by the Institute of Virginia Satir of Slovakia (Loss and Grief, Family Reconstruction, Family Maps. Positions in stressful situations, family dynamics, work with emotion, and others)
  • Respect and be Respected (SMKV, 2010)
  • workshops in Non-Violent Communication (USA and the Czech Republic)
  • other specialized conferences on mediation in the Czech Republic and abroad
  • conferences on family therapy in the United States (IHLRN)
  • STAR Profi I., Institute of Virginia Satir of Slovakia
  • Children’s Guide to the World of Divorce – acredited training for instructors (2015)
  • currently leading  a playgroup in Prague When mom and dad separate


My experience with architecture provides me quick insight into the business disputes within the field of civil engineering.

„There is no such thing as a problem, only challenges and opportunities.“

/ Harvey Lewis (a friend)