Eva Barešová – mediace, pomoc při řešení sporů

price list

NON-COMMERICAL MEDIATION (family, community)

  • Czech, 1200 CZK per hour
  • English, 1600 CZK per hour



  • Czech/English 2000 CZK per hour



  • Czech/English 3000 CZK per hour


In the case of more participants, prices are negotiable.

Mediation carried out in other languages is possible in the presence of an impartial interpreter paid for by disputing parties.

A mediation session generally lasts three hours. The number of mediation sessions depends on the depth and complexity of the conflict. If you discover during the process that mediation does not suit you and you do not want to continue, only the hours already spent on mediation will be invoiced, up to and including the last hour commenced. It is customary and desirable for both parties to share the costs of the mediation equally.

The price does not change if I run the session in tandem with a colleague.

If you are unsure how to approach the other party and invite them to mediation, or if you need any further information, feel free to contact me by email or telephone.

„The Chinese character for crisis is composed of two ideograms: one represents danger and the other represents opportunity. This symbol reminds us that we can choose whether we turn crisis into an opportunity or a negative experience.“

/ Virginia Satir