Eva Barešová – mediace, pomoc při řešení sporů

business mediation

Do you have sour business relations which you would like to sort out or end – relations you either care for or don’t but would like to move on from? Mediation is appropriate for cases when:

  • you do not want to take your partner to court, at least for the moment, but the situation must be dealt with
  • you want settle the dispute peacefully
  • you do not have time for a lawsuit, and need to solve matters now
  • the cost of litigations would be disproportionate to your earnings
  • the energy spent in court would interfere with your business obligations
  • a lawsuit could jeopardize your business relationship or your business’s reputation
  • you don’t want to risk the outcome of a the court’s verdict, at least for the moment
  • you have little or no desire to communicate with your business partner, but you know it is necessary
  • you would like someone professional and neutral to conduct the negotiations and ensure that they lead to a constructive outcome


The goal of mediation is to find a way out of your present situation. However, the realization that the mediated way will not resolve the situation, and that it would best be settled by lawyers is also a possible  outcome.

The ideal and desirable outcome of mediation is, of course, a mutual agreement.

„You cannot shake hands with a clenched fist.“

/ Indira Ghandi